Choosing Audio methods

Crew Chief offers the choice of using nAudio instead of the standard Windows audio library.  There are two Properties for selecting the audio method:

Use nAudio for playback

Recommended. Using nAudio for playback allows device selection and higher volumes. It can also play messages in stereo.
However, nAudio has been known to cause some issues so it's worth disabling it if Crew Chief is misbehaving.

nAudio offers two output interface types - WaveOut and WASAPI. WaveOut is more compatible, but WASAPI is more responsive/direct playback.

If not using nAudio for playback you might need to change your default sound 'playback' device in the Windows Control Panel so Crew Chief sends audio to the right device. Windows 10 also includes the option to route audio from a specific application to a chosen output device.

Use nAudio for speech recognition

Not recommended. It allows speech recognition device selection but voice recognition Trigger word and Press and release button are not available with nAudio. Also Crew Chief works better if this setting is disabled and instead your preferred microphone is set as the default sound recording device in the Windows sounds Control Panel.

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